Data Protection Policy of the EXTREMA Global mobile application
1. General

The data protection controller ARTi-Analytics BV (ARTi) values data protection and performs its activities by respecting the principle of personal data processing. Thus, EXTREMA Global application (“the App”) is designed to access only the location of the user (either from WiFi position, mobile GPS or entered manually by the user on the map) for the provision of the services. The position is then used as an input variable to access the real time service installed and operated at servers rented or owned by ARTi in order to retrieve and subsequently return to the App user the current air temperature. In addition, the App enables users to provide optional personal data to their profiles, which will be accessible only to them.
ARTi implements all appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure and to be able to demonstrate that processing is performed in accordance with the European and any relevant national legislation on data protection. Additionally, ARTi may keep statistical anonymous data for the demand of the services and positions.
ARTi bears responsibility for any infringement of the data protection legislation, which is result of failure to take appropriate and proportionate to the processing protection measures.

2. What kind of information is collected?

For the proper functionality of the app two types of data are needed. One is user’s current location, which is needed on session base. ARTi has access only to this information, as it enables the provision of information on the air temperature to the user’s device.
On the other hand, the App will ask for data related to user’s name, age, confirmation on whether they suffer chronic disease, or whether they take daily medicine, or related to other people (e.g. family, neighbors), whose profiles have been created by the user. This information is needed for creating profiles and assessing their instantaneous heat risk. Neither ARTi nor City authorities have access to this information; all calculations are carried out on the user’s mobile device. The provision of this information is entirely voluntary, should the user wish to make full use of the App functionalities.

3. How do we use this information?

The App provides the following services:
  • Assessment of personalized heat risk at the user’s current location based on the provided profile and temperature. The profile can be of the user or of other people (e.g. family, neighbors) at different locations;
  • Recommendations on measures to reduce the health risk;
  • List of cooling centers or spaces or drinking water spots with information regarding availability, opening hours, entrance fee, etc.;
  • Selection of the cooling centers or spaces or drinking water spots of the user’s choice;
  • Routing directions from any point A to any point B in the City with 3 options, namely the shortest path, the coolest path and the path via cooling centres or spots or drinking water spots (this service is available on some Cities).
  • Rating of the cooling centers or spaces or drinking water spots (this service is available on some Cities).
4. How do we store your data?

The location data shall be processed solely for the provision of the App’s service, their lifecycle expires when the App is closed, and they are not subject to any further storing. It will be used anonymously for statistical purposes only. The data, which is contained in your profiles – name, age, chronic disease or daily medicine, favorite locations, shall be stored in your mobile device until the moment the App is uninstalled. The data is not transmitted anywhere.

5. Can you submit an appeal?

The user has the right to submit an appeal to the Dutch Data Protection Authority or to the country, where their habitual residence is situated in case they think their rights have been infringed.

6. What are user’s rights as a data subject?

By accepting this Data Protection Policy the user acknowledges that they are familiar with the rights granted to them by the European legislation and particularly by the General Data Protection Regulation along with the respective applicable national legislation and applicable to the functionalities of the App, including but not only:
  • right of access to the user’s personal data processed;
  • right to withdraw the user’s consent and delete optional data in the ‘Profiles’.
The exercise of users rights may be conducted by sending an e- mail to

7. Do we disclose your location data to third parties?

ARTi undertakes not to disclose any of user’s location data and not to provide any third parties – state authorities, companies, natural persons, etc. – with personal data collected hereunder, except in the event that:
  • this is provisioned in the Data Protection Policy;
  • the information is requested by state authorities, court bodies, or officials that according to the applicable legislation are competent and authorised to request and obtain such information in compliance with the procedures established by law;
  • the anonymous location data may be used for research purposes to improve the services provided by the app;
  • other occasions provided by law.
ARTi does not transfer data of Users to third countries.

8. Changes to the Data Protection Policy

This Data Protection Policy may be updated from time to time. When updated the “Effective date" below will be amended and the new Data Protection Policy will be posted online. You will also receive an announcement.

9. How can you contact us?

If you have any questions about this Data Protection Policy or the data processed about you, please contact the ARTi on the following e-mail:
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